Rayo 2010 is a high-end all-round twin-tip board with enormous freestyle potential dedicated for comfort lovers.

Designed with moderate flex and high rocker line, with its big total surface area Rayo offers great upwind abilities and mellow ride in most water and wind conditions.

Rayo's predictability as well as effortless pop allow to accelerate on the progression path.

Full wood core laminated with Biax fiber glass

Equipped with:

  • Fully adjustable, easy to mount foot straps with nylon cambers
  • Ultra light, EVA memory pads
  • Ergonomic grab handle
  • G10, Xe 54 mm fins

130, 134, 138, 145

Designed for:
novice to advanced riders for all-round riding style

lenght 130 cm 134 cm 138 cm 145 cm
width 40 cm 41 cm 42 cm 44 cm
stance 55.5, 61.5 cm 55.5, 61.5 cm 55.5, 61.5 cm 55.5, 61.5 cm
core wood wood wood wood

Sometimes the simplest sollutions are the ones that work best...

The Rayo 2010 is all about fun and so are the graphics. The 4 basic CMYK colors and simple geometric shapes make Rayo probably the most photogenic board ever designed.